Villa Joutti

Villa Joutti has great facilities for 5 + 2 people.

Downstairs there is a large bedroom with a fireplace, walk -in closet and utility room, bathroom, toilet and sauna. In addition, there is a spacious hallway and a pellet fireplace, a separate toilet, a kitchen and a living room/dining area with views of lake.

Upstairs there is a spiral staircase and has a double bed and a 120cm bed

Villa Joutti:

There is a lovely small lake cottage for 2 people in the same yard. The cottage has a fireplace and a wide double bed and toilet and a cooking room. Lovely views directly to the lake.

There is  a beach sauna and a shower.

You can also booked a Jacuzzi and beach sauna.

Villa Joutti is suitable for 7 people.

Ask for a quote for accommodation or  you can also order lunch and dinner through us.

The destination will be available from the beginning of November.

+358 40 188 1621 / Satu

Villa Joutti lake cottage: